Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Moon Garden, Moon Garden

I never would've thought that my strong urge to replant my pot of herbs yesterday was in perfect synch with ancient tradition of planting during a specific moon phase. However, upon further research (which started as the simple internet search "how to replant parsley without killing it"), I realized that my intuition to re-pot must've been motivated by gardeners of long-ago!

From MoonGrow.Com:
Gardening by using the signs in the heavens is an ancient tradition passed down the dim corridors of time from one generation of gardeners to another. It is not a mystical process but a means of timing the planting, growing, maintenance and harvesting of growing things to produce superior harvests. I and many other home gardeners have found moon phase and zodiac sign growing to be an effective means of increasing crop yields as well as a way to join with nature in a cooperative effort to grow plants in a more natural way.

1) Waxing Moon
2) Zodiac Sign: Taurus
3) Taurus: Earth sign
4) Earth Signs: Sign of Fertility!



Tapping in my nocturnal green thumb made me wonder if planting-by-moon-cycle is covered in my favorite gardening book, 10,000 Garden Questions Answered by 15 Experts. While I fear this practice is too new-agey for this 1944 publication, I did find some handy illustrations for the at-home gardener (like don't forget your pipe when planting strawberries and learning the TRUTH about herb gardens.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Root Root Root

Mets lost 8-1 in a stinker against the Nationals, but the new stadium (built in the likeness of Ebbetts Field) is gorgeous and the weather held! Oddly, we couldn't find a single pennant, jersey, or plaque commemorating the Mets of yesteryear. It's like they've built this stadium (which a tiny portion of my tax dollars fueled, so I feel justified having an opinion on this) to make new memories, not celebrate the old ones. More like Debits Field*. Zing!

*I stole that from someone. I'm not sure it was worth it.