Monday, June 28, 2010

Around Town

Where the...?

Sorry for the long absence. It's summer now. Thank God, we made it.

I made myself so busy and got through the darkest, rainiest months of Spring: We moved into an awesome new apartment; I helped organize the white-tie Spring Waltz for City Opera; We adopted the most beautiful and hilarious Russian Blue kitty and named him after country music legend Waylon Jennings; I met Al Pacino; I started teaching improv classes at The PIT; I "won" a trip to Cancun.

The summer just officially began and already it's packed to the brim with classes, shows, showcases, rehearsals, working part-time for Jewish Partisans, anniversaries, a temporary gym membership, more Al Pacino, wonderful visits from Happy's family, making videos, working in the Hamptons again, and the eager anticipation of the newest member of the Griffiths-DeChant clan. When will He/She arrive? And, how quickly will Boy/Girl think I am my twin sister, Her/Him's mommy?

So many questions to be answered...and so many cat videos to be posted...