Friday, September 19, 2008

Life Lessons (learned on my twin sister and my 2-month roadtrip across the U.S. in 2002)

  • All roads lead to somewhere.
  • Take Old Farmer's advice.
  • Never travel without an updated atlas.
  • If camping locally, buy local map.
  • It's never too late to turn around.
  • Curiosity may get you lost (if that's what you're looking for).
  • If you do get curious: paved and numbered roads will lead you to the interstate.
  • 2-lane country roads are 55 mph. Even when it doesn't say so.
  • On an atlas, a grey road is always more fun than a blue road, but not as efficient as a pink road.
  • Do not get a haircut at a beauty school in an Anchorage, AK strip mall.
  • If you find yourself in the Anchorage, AK strip mall beauty school, do not get the haircut if it is under $10.
  • Never bring a pet chihuahua to a club.
  • If you must bring your pet chihuahua to a club, DO NOT EAT.
  • Curb drunk dialing.
  • If you do drunk dial and violent hiccuping begins, hang up the phone.
  • If someone asks you if you're in the film crew, YOU SAY YES!
  • Always have a spare pair of clean underwear hidden in a secret place.
  • Remember secret place.
  • Playing Blackjack with a Pinochle deck will yield the highest ratio of 21. Ever.
  • Gentlemen come in all shapes and sizes.
  • If the kitchen is dirty (and you can SEE it), don't eat there.
  • If you can get can a free tutu, take it.

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